Alexis Tsielepis addresses Cyprus tax experts

Vice-Chairman of the Cyprus VAT Association (CYVA), Alexis Tsielepis, shared his knowledge on Value Added Tax with the island’s leading tax experts at the 5th Cyprus International Tax Conference in Nicosia, yesterday.

Tsielepis’ presentation, titled “Flexibility on VAT rates in the European Union: A welcome change with a sting in the tail,” dealt with the latest efforts to harmonise VAT rates in the European Union.

Tsielepis, who is also the Managing Director of Chelco VAT Ltd, analysed to his fellow professionals the current efforts by the EU Council to harmonize VAT rates across member states and to promote lower VAT rates for green and digital transitions and the protection of public health.

“Governments may welcome these measures albeit with a hint of hesitation, for good reasons!” Tsielepis said, setting the tone for his presentation.

The tax event, which was organised by IMH, attracted senior professionals from the law, audit, accounting, corporate, banking and investment fields from all over Cyprus.

Other featured topics at the conference included tax reforms and the Cypriot reality, the EU tax perspective and forthcoming actions, the Pillar Two agreement and the implications for Cyprus, DAC6, green tax reform and Cyprus as an international business centre and technology hub.

The 5th Cyprus International Tax Conference was held at the Hilton Nicosia Hotel and is considered one of the most important gatherings for tax professionals in Cyprus.